4 Hr: $82.00……….
1 Day:$103.00…..

  • The 100′ main line auto feed will automatically feed the cable in and out for you.
  • These augers are ideal for main sewer lines 4″ to 8″.  (not recommended for 2″ lines)
  • Excellent for cleaning tree roots out of main lines.
  • Sewer augers weighs 225 lbs.
  • Uses a durable 3/4″ cable with available 2″ cutter blades, 4″ cutter blades and an arrowhead bit.
  • Commonly referred to as sewer snakes.

sewer auger100


For a YouTube instructions video click here:  https://youtu.be/T9O5PtJFxzs

Note:  video is for general instructions only and may include accessories not available.

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