4 Hr: $90.00……….
1 Day: $125.00…….
1 Wk: $500.00…..

  • Rental Includes saw and vacuum.
  • Cost does not include blade.
  • Blade rental fee is $12.00 per day plus $2.50 per .001 of diamond used.
  • Substantially reduces concrete dust but does not eliminate.
  • Ideal for indoor cutting where gas saws and or water cannot be used.
  • Must have 2 – 20 amp services available.
  • 4 1/4″ maximum cutting depth.
  • Wt. saw is 21 lbs and vac is 32 lbs.

Note:  New blades are available for purchase also.

saw hilti vacuum electricsaw hilti vacuum 2saw vacuum


Commonly referred to as a cement, demo, demolition, chop, or partner saw.

For a short YouTube video demonstration click here:  https://youtu.be/HnS6DEiDr4s

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