4 Hr: $135.00……..
1 Day: $185.00……
1 Wk: $740.00…….

  • These walk behind bobcats are perfect for moving dirt, rock, sand or mulch.
  • Customer is allowed 8 metered hours per day and 40 metered hours per week.
  • Works well for excavating for a paver patio.
  • Several attachments are available for a variety of jobs. (see combo packages).
  • Track system minimizes down pressure.  Wont tear up grass like wheeled machines.
  • 35 1/2 ” wide.  Fits through a standard gate.
  • Bucket has a 4 cubic ft. capacity.
  • Max lift capacity is 500 lbs.
  • Max dump height is 5′.  Will dump into standard dump box.
  • Bobcats are commonly referred to as skid steers.
  • These machines are available with a variety of attachments.  Please check page 2 or page 3  for additional  package options.

    Can’t find a truck??  Rent one of our 3/4 ton pick ups and tow it yourself.  Talk to a rental associate for details.

Note: Columbia Heights Rental rents the Toro Dingo TX420 and the Bobcat MT52 as the same machine. 525 dingo extra $15.00
Lifting capacity:  Same – 500 lbs
Width:  Dingo – 34″ at machine, 42″ at bucket.  (raise bucket to drive through gate).
MT52 – 35 1/2″ overall.
Weight:  Dingo – 1830 lbs.
MT52 – 2506 lbs.
Max lift height:  Same – 5′.
Bucket capacity:  Same – 4 cu. ft.
Because these machines have equal ability we cannot reserve or guarantee one machine over the other due to personal preference.

mt52 dingo


For a YouTube video demonstration of the Toro TX420 click here:  https://youtu.be/71rjx1PN8h8
Note:  Video is for demonstration only and may include accessories not available.

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